Living in Pensacola is like living the vacation life 24/7. So what do you do when you want a break from the sun and the waves? Here are three ideas for your summer break.

The Zoo

There are two zoos near Pensacola. One is the Gulf Breeze Zoo which is located near the beach. This central location is great for an excellent day trip.

The second zoo is the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. It has many animal interaction opportunities. 

Check out the websites here:

The Movies

There is a wonderful theater in Pensacola and it can be just the break you need. Sit back and relax in the theater while that wonderful airconditioning does its thing. Catch all the latest films and enjoy the break!

The website:


Skip the Pensacola mall and head over the border. Head to Alabama to the outlet mall for hours of fantastic shopping. If you like fudge, make sure you check out the adorable fudge shop hidden in the mall. The Foley outlet has the best shopping in the area and the drive out there isn't half bad either. 

The Website:

Sometimes it is nice to take a break and head out for a new adventure! Check out for the great adventures in Pensacola.