Autumn is by and far my favorite season. The weather is beautiful and there is so much going on all over our city! Here are some ways to get the most out of your autumn.


1. Clean the gutters

I know, I know, this is the WORST part of autumn. Nobody wants to get up there and clean out their gutters but I have a tip for you. If you clean your gutters out before fall and then install gutter guards, you've just reduced your work later and increased the value of your home!


2. Get a pumpkin

Getting a pumpkin is never just getting a pumpkin. It is a familial celebration of autumn. Most farms have tons of activities for the whole family! Check out this local treasure before you plan your next family outing Their season begins September 28th!


3. Sip some apple cider

While everyone else gets caught up in the pumpkin spice everything, I am most excited about the apple cider. The smell, the taste, the apples, what's not to love? Check out this simple recipe that is both delicious to drink and will fill your home with fall fragrance


So join us in welcoming autumn this year! What is your favorite autumn tradition?