June 5, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Units


Pensacola Encourages Adoption of Accessory Dwelling Units

Property prices in Pensacola have been rising dramatically for some time now. Between March 2017 and March 2018 median list prices jumped by almost 24%, according to CNBC. Meanwhile, the median sales price is expected to increase by 7% by the end ...

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May 29, 2019



Who doesn't need a mini vacation sometimes? The problem can be that there simply isn’t enough time to go out for more than a day. This has lead to an ever more popular trend of staycations. Pensacola is a vibrant tourist area making a staycation here a vacation ...

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May 27, 2019

Pensacola Summer


Summer in Pensacola is always something to look forward to. Throughout the year the city has different exciting events but they all seem to culminate in the summer. Not only are the events geared towards the locals but they also bring in tourists from across the country. Some of ...

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July 20, 2018

Quality Over Quantity

There are two things that can really bring up the value of a home one is the size of the home and the other is the quality of the home. While there is not a whole lot you can do to increase the size of a home, there are things ...

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Posted in Investing
July 17, 2018

Making Good Investments

Everyone says that Pensacola is a great place to invest in property but does anyone really tell you why? Well, we want to!

The Tenants:

Pensacola is an excellent area for investment for many reasons. But the first and foremost reason may be that it is a military town. Military families ...

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April 7, 2018

Pensacola Real Estate Market – Average Price of Houses

Are you planning on buying a home in Pensacola, FL? Or maybe you plan selling one. Whichever the case may be, one thing will always come into consideration; price. Understanding the Pensacola real estate market puts you in a better position to make the most money from your home ...

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Sept. 26, 2017

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Heating – Cool Weather

  • Set your thermostat to your comfort level, but for conservation purposes, 68 degrees or lower is recommended. For every degree above 68, the unit requires 5% more energy and will reflect a 5% increase in your utility bill!
  • By ...
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Posted in Investing
March 10, 2017

5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Here are a few tips to sell your hTips on How to Sell your Homeome faster and what NOT to do. Selling your home faster with these tips in mind may help ease some of the anxiety you feel when your home is on the market.

ListItem F.S.B.O. (For Sale by Owner) – ...

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Jan. 25, 2017

Investor Rental Properties Pensacola, FL

Florida real estate for investor rental properties ranks as the number one state for investor home purchases since January 2011. The vast majority of investors have kept their properties off the market and have kept them as rental homes, but why?

Currently, there seems to be an increasing supply crunch ...

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