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July 17, 2019

Ready for Move-In!

As a buyer, move-in ready is a subjective term. Recently did an article called "What ‘Move-In Ready’ Really Means" One major thing that we can learn by looking at the results of this survey is that move-in ready means different things to different people. It goes along the lines of "one man's trash..." 

So what should you look for in a move-in ready home?

1. Updated appliances

When looking for a ready home, appliances can be very important. You will want to see what appliances the seller will be leaving and how old they are. Additionally, seeing if the property will have a washer and dryer staying in it would assist in it being considered ready. 

2. Professional Cleaning

There is nothing worse than moving into your new home and finding that there are signs of the previous owner everywhere. Hair, dust, dirt, and grime. While searching for a home ask if the seller will have the home professionally cleaned. 

3. Completed Maintenance 

Finally, you'll want to make sure that the home has all in-progress maintenance completed. This could be as simple as making sure that all patchwork and minor repairs are completed.

A major misconception is that a property is not move-in ready without new carpet and painting. The truth is with a little skilled patching, paint can look good as new and carpet generally has an 8-year life. With proper care, the home may be ready without these costly updates. 

Let us know what is most important to you in a move-in ready home in the comments!



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July 3, 2019

Pensacola Fire Works



Pensacola loves a good party so you can only imagine how lively our Independence Day activities will be! Across the city, there will be activities, food, and fireworks to celebrate. 

For the evening fireworks, there are two main places to be. Seville Square at 9 or Casino Beach at 8:30. 

These events fill up quickly so make sure to plan ahead and get your spot early!

So what should you bring to the fireworks show?

  1. Earplugs/ear protection
  2. Your family
  3. Your camera
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Portable phone charge
  6. A blanket to sit on
  7. Bottles of water

We're looking forward to another great year celebrating our nation's independence. Stay safe and have fun!


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June 24, 2019

How To Fight the Bug Invasion


There are tons of wonderful things about living in Florida but one major thing we have to prepare for are the bugs. So here are a few tips and tricks to secure your home from pests.


  1. Make sure the seal around your windows and doors are solid. Replace any seals that are worn or broken.

  2. Dry up any water and fix leaks. Pests such as roaches are attracted to wet and damp areas.

  3. Spray the doors and windows of your home with pest deterrents such as Raid.

  4. Clean all dishes immediately and don’t leave any sitting in the sink for extended periods of time.

  5. Try to keep the temperature in your home down as most pests are attracted to warmer areas.

  6. Make sure all your food is sealed.

  7. Manage all cracks and holes in your home so that pests are not able to enter.

  8. Find a local professional to treat your home.

    1. Tombstone:

    2. Terminix:

  9. Sweep brush and leaves away from your home regularly.

  10. Spray peppermint oil throughout your home. This is a natural way that will repel insects.


Do you have any tricks or tips to keep pests out? Comment below!

June 19, 2019

Your Community's Greatest Resource


Libraries house more than books. Libraries house community, wonder, adventure, and opportunity. Local libraries are constantly catering to the community in every way that they can. Pensacola’s West Florida Public Libraries system is no different. These wonderful buildings provide an opportunity to learn anything you want.


Here are a few features of our local library:

  • A Jazz Room

    • An area where the community can explore the rich cultural history of Jazz from books, movies, CDs, and more!

  • Study Rooms

    • Perfect for when you need to get away and focus or a great place to meet up four tutoring.

  • Free Classes

    • From learning new arts to computer skills these community classes are a great asset.

  • Book Clubs

    • Book clubs open to the community to discuss everything from graphic novels to great classics to the newest hit. Book clubs give a great opportunity for members of the community to get together and discuss their common interests.

  • Children's activities

    • Local libraries are excellent resources for children’s activities from storytimes to crafts. These activities happen all year but go into full swing during the summer months.

These are just a few benefits of our local treasure. If you want to find out more about the opportunities or the new books that the library has, check out their website:

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June 17, 2019

Gallery Night


One of the best things about Pensacola is the culture. Everywhere you go you are greeted by arts, music, food, and activities. All of these things come together one night a month in Downtown Pensacola’s Gallery Night. Each night has its own theme and its own flavor. From football, to Christmas, to dancing each night is full of fun and culture.


Stores and restaurants along downtown open their doors for artists and art appreciators to explore local talent. They close off the streets at 5 PM to start the party. Many of the local shops stay open later to accommodate the people taking advantage of the evening.  


So come check out Pensacola’s thriving art life and have some fun! The next Gallery Night is this Friday, June 17th, starting at 5 pm.


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June 5, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Units


Pensacola Encourages Adoption of Accessory Dwelling Units

Property prices in Pensacola have been rising dramatically for some time now. Between March 2017 and March 2018 median list prices jumped by almost 24%, according to CNBC. Meanwhile, the median sales price is expected to increase by 7% by the end of this year. As such, property investors in Pensacola have come up with a plan, and it involves building accessory dwelling units on the land adjacent to the city’s current properties.

What is an accessory dwelling unit?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) date back to the early 20th century. They were built alongside family homes to house additional family members, such as extended family. These days ADUs have a range of names they go by, including granny annex, carriage house, garden cottage, and granny pod.

ADUs in Pensacola

To date, two workshops have been held in Pensacola to help educate locals on how ADUs could benefit them, as well as individuals seeking affordable accommodation in the area. More than 140 locals attended and obtained expert advice on how and why they should consider an ADU on their land. The opportunity for ADUs to improve the population and thus support Pensacola’s local economy was highlighted, as was the way that it would make property more affordable for people from all walks of life.

Building your own

Christian Wagley, who helped to organize the recent ADU workshops in Pensacola states that many property owners in the city are unaware that they can legally construct an ADU on their land. NW Ventures Group estimates that an ADU costs between $50,000 and $200,000. As such, existing homeowners may choose to tap into their home’s current equity to free up the cash required. Meanwhile, older property investors have the option of turning to a reverse mortgage to obtain the money needed.

The benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Pensacola homeowners allowing ADUs onto their land is that the total value of their property will increase. This is advantageous as it opens up the opportunity of increased rental income or a bigger sale price should they ever opt to sell up and move on. Either way, the real estate market will benefit as there will be more types of accommodation for interested parties to choose from at different price points.

Real estate in Pensacola is booming. But to ensure that people continue to invest in property in the area, local experts are encouraging homeowners to build ADUs on their land so that both they and others gain from affordable housing and a supplementary income.

May 29, 2019



Who doesn't need a mini vacation sometimes? The problem can be that there simply isn’t enough time to go out for more than a day. This has lead to an ever more popular trend of staycations. Pensacola is a vibrant tourist area making a staycation here a vacation for anyone else. You’re probably looking to shake things up a little and get out of your park and beach pattern and are now looking for something new to explore. How about a journey that will show you some of the greatest sights from the plains of Africa to the tundras of the north pole? What if you could learn all about the wildlife surrounding you every day? You should check out the Gulf Breeze Zoo.


Perfect for a fun family outing, a fun first date, or even a group meetup the Gulf Breeze Zoo is perfect of a local getaway.  There are dozens of fun things to do from feeding giraffes to petting chickens. With 50 acres of exciting exhibits and interactions, you’re sure to find fascination and delight. Admission is just $15 per person for a full day of fun and adventure.


Bring your camera and get the perfect shots for your family and your media followers. Make a scavenger hunt list before you go to add a little competition for your family. Finally, create the memories that will last a lifetime.


Check out the Gulf Breeze Zoo!


Find out more at

May 27, 2019

Pensacola Summer


Summer in Pensacola is always something to look forward to. Throughout the year the city has different exciting events but they all seem to culminate in the summer. Not only are the events geared towards the locals but they also bring in tourists from across the country. Some of the things to look forward to this summer are music festivals, car shows, seafood jamborees, Blue Angel exhibitions, and so much more!

Out of the hundreds of beaches in the United States, Pensacola Beach ranks #15. We are the perfect family tourist destination because we have things going on all year round, we aren’t as crowded as some of the other top beachfront destinations, downtown is trendy and fun, our beaches are pristine, and our locals are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Pensacola isn’t just a top tourist destination, it is a great investor’s market. Currently, there are less than 200 available properties for rent, there is a growing demand for more vacation rentals, and opportunities to flip homes across the area. During this time of year, more people are renting and selling while their children are out of school making the summer market HOT.


If you are interested in investing in the Pensacola area or choosing a property for yourself, contact Realty Masters at  (850) 453-9220 or by clicking the envelope icon at the top of the page.


May 24, 2019

Keeping Your Cool


Everybody loves that Florida sun! It helps create the perfect environment for hitting the beach, going for a drive, grabbing some soft-serve, or any other of your favorite summer activities! There is no denying that Pensacola summers are hot! Which is part of what makes it so great to live here.


With all this sunkissed weather, what we do have to keep an eye on is the air conditioning in our homes. Often times we can set our AC to something like 75 or 72 and it feels like it takes all day for it to work. In general, if your home is about 15 degrees cooler inside than outside then your AC is probably working as hard as it can.


If your home’s AC system isn’t quite meeting your expectations for cooling here are some things you can try.


  1. Close blinds and curtains to keep the sun from heating the room

  2. Turn on ceiling fans

  3. Utilize upright fans (can be found at any walmart)

  4. Make sure the seals around your doors and windows are intact to keep the cool air from escaping

  5. Make sure your air filters have been changed to allow as much air as possible to flow through the home


Summer is a great time in Florida, but sometimes we all need to take a break from the heat. So as the summer heats up, try these tips to cool down.

May 23, 2019

First Time Home Buyers Seminar

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