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May 20, 2018

Summer is Here!

Summer has finally come to Pensacola! With this exciting change, the area is preparing for the onslaught of vacationers.

One of the best parts of living in a beach town is that it is a great vacation spot. Not only do you get to be on vacation 24/7 yourself, but you get to meet so many people. The summer is the height of tourist season and offers the greatest opportunity to meet people.


There are a lot of great benefits to having so many tourists over the season. The number one reason to be excited is all the income coming in. Tourist LOVE to shop and it is fun to see people getting so excited about our little bit of heaven. It is very exciting to have the opportunity to share the experience, all be it temporarily, who are as excited in the area as we are. Watching tourists discover the hidden treasures of our home is fascinating.

The second reason to be excited about the tourists this summer is meeting new people. Living in Pensacola is such a delight because people are just so friendly here. And why not be friendly? We are living in a virtual paradise! Whether you’re suggesting your favorite eatery or just giving directions to the closest bathroom, the impact you can have on people is incredible. Every interaction that we have with visitors is just adding to and enhancing the experience of people visiting.

Finally, because Pensacola has so many visitors over the summer we get a lot of events to keep them coming back. There is never a boring day in Pensacola! If you want to hit the beach in the evening you’re sure to find dozens of restaurants teeming with people and live music. If you want to head downtown, you’ll find the outdoor cafes and shops pleasantly full of life. And if you just want to people watch, head to Cordova Mall to watch the shoppers.

Pensacola has something for everyone. It has areas full of life and adventure sitting right next to quite havens. This is why it is such a great place to live and invest in. You want to live here because you can find the lifestyle that fits you. You are here to invest because there is a market for vacations homes and rentals because this is where people want to be.

If you are interested in moving to or investing in the Pensacola area, call (850) 453-9220.

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May 17, 2018

Home Away From Home

The elusive guest bedroom. Everybody says they want one for one reason or another. Only a few people ever actually set up a guest room though. So whether you're converting your college kid's room into a universal guestroom or finally redoing the "storage" room, here are a few tips.


Throw It Out

Before you can redo your would-be guest room, you have to clean out the rest of your stuff. So grab some trash bags and some gloves and throw it out if you can. Now, I understand that not everything can be thrown out but do your best! The more you throw out, the better the rest of the process will go.

Pick a Color

If you pick a color it gives you a good guide for the rest of your project. When you pick a color it helps to stick with soft and warm colors. I highly suggest yellows and greens.


Focus on Comfort

You are creating a wonderful home away from home for your guests. One of the major contributors to the comfort of the room will be in the mattress and the layout of the room. As the rooms are bedrooms, it helps to treat the bed as the focus. With a proper comforter and pillow paring, the bed becomes a work of art. 


Finishing Touches

Once the room is set to your standards, comes the final decorating. The best touches are the practical ones. Adding things like a set of guest towels and toiletries really set the great guest rooms apart from the mediocre guest rooms.


So here's to you and your project! 


If you've always wanted a guest room but have never had the space, it may be time to move. Call Realty Masters at (850) 453-9220 and we'll help you with your buying, selling, and renting needs. 

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