Four Ways An Open House Can Help You

Real Estate

Much like fashion trends, real estate trends can go out and come back into style at any time.  For a number of recent years, the idea of open houses became practically irrelevant.  However, with the advancement of our social media culture, open houses have again, become a viable means of home promotion. So here are four points on how an open house can help you.

1. Open houses allow for interested buyers to see the home without having to contact a real estate agent. If your home is the first home that someone walks through, all the following homes are measured against yours. When your home is staged for an open house it can be hard for other homes to measure up. Having people walk through raises the likelihood of them suggesting the home to others who are looking for new home.

2. Open houses allow for potential buyers to ask questions directly. Though for an open house the owner is not traditionally present, a qualified agent is. When people ask questions at the open house, they get an immediate answer which may help them make a purchase decision faster.

3. Open houses are controlled environments. An open house allows for a home to be perfectly staged for at least one day. For an average showing, it can be hard to hide all of the signs of life, such as dishes in the sink or a hamper of clothes. An open house can give you one perfectly staged day.

4. Strategically timed open houses allow for potential clients to see your home online and immediately be able to see the home. We are a culture of instant gratification, seeing a tangible item is a lot different than keeping something in mind because we saw it online.

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